Vanderbilt University: Reading Poetry, Writing on Poetry; Rahel Levin Varnhagen; Dreams in the Age of Totalitarianism; Hannah Arendt; Author, Archive, Work; German-Jewish Culture.

Princeton University: Reconceptualizing Literature: Literary Criticism (1990-2003); Literary Criticism after 1945; German-Jewish Culture; Archive, Author, Work; Writing on the Margins: Letters, Fragments, and Aphorisms; Debates on the “Idee der deutschen Universität”; Jewish Writers at the Beginning of the 19th Century.

University of Michigan: Writing in the Process of Acculturation: Rahel Levin Varnhagen, Henriette Herz, Esther Gad, and Sophie von Grotthuß.

Hamburg University: Tradition/Edition. Epistolary Writing at the Beginning of the 19th Century.

Free University, Berlin: Intellectual Women: The Development of Social Sciences prior to 1933; Literary Theory written by Women prior to 1933.

Vanderbilt University: The Century of Dreams; Love and Friendship; The Art of Dreams; Autobiographies; The Idea of the University; Berlin in the 20th Century.

Princeton University: German 207; German 208; Who am I? Autobiographies from Goethe to Canetti; Debates on the New Woman in 20th Century Germany; Love Stories. From Goethe’s “Werther” to Bachmann’s “Malina”; Berlin Metropolis. Jews and Modernity 1880-1918; Germany after 1989; Dreams in Literature and Philosophy; Berlin in the 20th Century: Glory, Hybris, Rubble, Walls.

University of Frankfurt/Oder: The Book of Job: Literary Transformations of a Biblical Text.

Free University, Berlin: Reflections. Biography and Autobiography; Eastern European Jews in 20th Century German Literature.

Catholic University, Lublin/Poland: Poland in 20th Century German Literature; German Literature in the 16th and 17th Century; Autobiographies from Goethe to Ernst Toller; The History of Epistolary Writing from Gellert to Kafka.

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